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Mr. P.C. Godfrey's start in plumbing was an unxpected turn after he had worked the spring harvest in Kansas and he got off the train in Charlotte to run a quick errand involving his shoes.


P.C. ended up walking into Thompkins Johnson Plumbing Company, asked for a job and worked there until 1928.


In 1928 Mr. Godfrey went into business for himself and teamed up with J.A. Terry and became Terry & Godfrey Plumbing & Heating.


The Great Depression hit hard in 1929 causing J.A. Terry to leave the business and forcing P.C. Godfrey to move the business into his home which remained there until 1948. The business continued to grow through World War II.


In 1948 the company built a new office and warehouse at Five Points intersection of Seversville which is on the west side of Charlotte and near Johnson C. Smith University, it's current location. The business was then comprised of P.C. Godfrey's two sisters, two brothers, and three sons.


P.C. Godfrey died in 1977 but two of his sons, Ronald and Myers, are still active in the business and C.B. Martin is the President and C.O. of the firm.





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