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We provide preventive maintenance contracts for all types of systems, HVAC & plumbing.


Our preventive maintenance programs will maintain your equipment at maximum efficiency while helping extend the life of your equipment. We can prevent minor issues from becoming major problems. With a preventive maintenance program you will receive a discount on our standard labor rates for non-scheduled services.


Preventive maintenance contracts are custom designed to fit your needs with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual visits.


Let us reduce your potential overall costs by providing you a preventive maintenance contract, also assuring you of prompt and quality service.





What Can A Preventive Maintenance Contract Do For You?

  • Prevent minor problems from becoming major costly breakdowns

  • Maintain your equipment's maximum operating efficiency level

  • Extend equipment life

  • Gives you priority for emergency services

  • Gives you a discount on labor rates

  • Lower your repair costs

Our Standard Preventive Maintenance Service Call Consists of:

  • Filter Changes

  • Coil and fan cleaning

  • Motor & bearing lubrication, as needed

  • Drain pan cleaning

  • Sheave and belt alignment

  • Analysis and performance inspections

  • Safety checks

  • Thermostats checked

  • Labeling of equipment and thermostats

  • Maintenance and repair records

  • Evaluate all systems on an individual basis and customize the contract for the specific needs of equipment and the requests of the customer

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